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Since 2004, Perfect Publishing has provided teachers and educators with practical, creative, and engaging English Language Teaching materials to facilitate and improve teaching methods as well as enhance the learning experience for students as much as for educators.

We strive to provide materials that comply with current educational standards and enforce best academic practices, our products focus also on learners’ needs, interests and motivations in order to make the learning experience more realistic, effective and fun.

We are proud to say that PPC has always done its best to provide not only quality products, appropriate to the EFL classroom, but also regular teachers’ training and support for all our customers.

Through this websites, you will discover “My First English Adventure(c)”, the first and only fully integrated ‘English as a Foreign Language’ (EFL) program available in Thailand.

My First English Adventure(c) comprises all teaching materials needed throughout the course along with teachers’ guides and training DVD as well as students’ classroom Activity Books and Practice Pages.

Along with the teaching and learning materials, My First English Adventure(c) offers extra practice through My Adventure City(c); a website full of fun and challenging activities based on the program’s content. Additional materials have also been developed especially for Thai English language learners such as:

Reading Readiness: a supplementary course book preparing students for the reading and writing experience.

Fun With Phonics: extra activities for students to practice and play with the sounds of the English Language.

Grammar Focus: worksheets providing a strong foundation and understanding of the English grammar.

Check out our catalogue for more details.

For additional information, please feel free to contact our staff : 02 913 1916 - 087 717 1897

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